14th International Conference on Energising Indian Aerospace Industry “Flight Plan for the Future”

Event Information:

  • Thu, Sep 05 2019 To Fri, Sep 06 2019
  • India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

The Indian defence industry is at an inflexion point. The Make in India drive instituted in the defence R&D and manufacturing sectors during the past five years has borne fruit, but not to the desired level. It is possible that the expectations were high, but it is also true that there should have been much better results to show in terms of the entry of private players in defence manufacturing, As a new government commences work, one of its primary goals would be to energise the Indian Aerospace Industry that empowers Indian air power.

India is expected to spend large sums of monies to the tune of 250 bn USD in the coming two decades. With a very nascent indigenous defence industrial base that successive governments have attempted to develop, the current Make in India drive assumes great significance. The Services need state of the art modern equipment, a need that is immediate, while indigenisation would take decades; there is thus a disconnect here, as the two are oxymoronic in nature. The import of high-end equipment would, thus, continue for many years to come and the challenge is to leverage these huge purchases with the acquisition of technology that is needed by local R&D and manufacturing entities (both public and private).

MSMEs are the drivers of major industry, especially in the defence sector, as they provide niche technology and expertise to the Tier I players. With aviation equipment being capital intensive, the availability of MRO facilities becomes an imperative that can generate substantial revenue and employment.

There is, thus, a need to have a holistic look at the aviation sector in India, both military and civil. The large requirements of the Services, as well as the civil sector, need to be harnessed to enable the decision maker to use the buyer’s clout for technology induction and give an impetus to the indigenization effort of the government. The era of Build to Print (BTP) has to make way for Build to Specs (BTS) the sooner, the better. It is indeed heartening to note the interest shown by state governments in developing aerospace clusters and parks for setting up aviation-related industries.

To discuss these issues, that have a vital bearing on the Government’s drive to galvanise and incentivise an indigenous defence industry, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers jointly with Confederation of Indian Industry and the  Centre for Air Power Studies, in association with the Indian Air Force, are organising the ‘14th International Conference on “Energising Indian Aerospace Industry: Flight plan for the Future”. The Conference will bring together Government officials, serving Armed Forces officers, captains of industry (both Indian and foreign), MSMEs, certification agencies, academics and the users to discuss and arrive at action points that could assist policymakers. The event will be conducted over a day and a half at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 5 – 6 September 2019.

The themes of various sessions of the Conference will be as under:-

1.  Session I: Capital Procurements (a special session with Deputy Chief of Air Staff who looks after IAF’s capital acquisitions).
2.  Session II: Make in India Initiative
3.  Session III: MRO Opportunities from IAF (a special session with Air Officer in- charge Maintenance who looks after IAF’s maintenance and revenue budget).
4.  Session IV: Developing Aerospace Clusters and Parks
5.  Session V: Start-ups and Joint Ventures
6.  Special Address by Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India
7.  Session VI : MSMEs: The catalysts of growth of Aerospace Industry (a special session with Secretary of Dept of MSMEs, Govt of India)
8.  Session VII: Panel Discussion with captains of major aerospace industries (OEMs).

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