4th India – Russia Military Industrial Conference

Event Information:

  • Thu, May 03 2018
  • New Delhi

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary (Defence Production) chaired a preliminary meeting to discuss 4th India – Russia Military-Industrial Conference (MIC) that would be organized on the sidelines of ARMY 2018 in Moscow in from 21- 26 August 2018. SIDM apprised Ministry of Defence, on issues hampering the effective execution of Joint Venture (JV), between Indian and Russian industry. The issues put forward included, level playing field to Indian manufacturers Vis-à-vis Russian OEM e.g. Impact of higher duties, embarkation facilities etc. DDP has agreed to look into rationalizing import & excise duties. The embargo on the export of items manufactured as part of the Joint Venture (JV) with Russians was also raised. Ministry of Defence will take-up this issue with Russian counter-parts at an appropriate level.