Industry Interaction on Indian Navy ‘MAKE II’ Projects

Event Information:

  • Sat, May 26 2018
  • New Delhi

With the introduction of revised 'Make II' procedure with industry-friendly features, 24 projects have been identified by Indian Navy and preliminary details have been hosted on 'Make in India' website. Towards realization of these projects and to ensure wider participation by the Indian Industry, an interaction with prospective vendors to discuss and clarify techno-commercial aspects and other modalities for development of the items was envisaged.

To facilitate this, SIDM jointly with Indian Navy organized an ‘Industry interaction on MAKE projects for Indian Navy’ on 26 April 2018 in New Delhi.

During the interaction, Indian Navy shared a brief overview of the projects fielded under Make II.

 List of Indian Navy Make II projects:

1             Deep Sea Side Scan Sonar Towing Winch

2              Upper Air Sounding System (UASS)

3              Diesel Engines for Boats (150-350 HP)

4              Main Propulsion Diesels (5-10 MW)

5              Shafting and Propellers

6              Expendable Underwater Targets

7              High Speed Low Flying Targets

8              RAS/ FAS Gear

9              Electrolysis Based Hydrogen Generator

10           Digital Beam-forming Based Satellite TVC (DB2ST)

11           NVG Adaptation Filters and Image Intensifiers

12           1 phase and 3 phase inverters

13           Detonator N5 MK2 for CDSC 0.5 Kg with VH2 based composition

14           Electronic Fuse for Anti-Submarine Rocket RGB 60

15           Conformal Array Line of Sight Communication Antenna

16           Low Noise Water-jets for Surface Platforms

17           Light Weight Composite Material Portable Diesel Driven Fire Pumps

18           Compact Diesel Generators for Survey Motor Boats

19           Portable RPA Downlink Receiver with Display

20           Materials for High Pressure Fuel Pipelines

21         Universal Proximity Direct Action and Graze fuses for Gun Ammunition of 76 to 127mm.

22           Limpet Mine ‘MK 414’ (7Kg)

23           Limpet Mine ‘MK 430’ (15 Kg)

24           Float Smoke and Flame A/c 3.5 lbs No.2 Mk2

The interaction was aimed at assisting Indian Navy to identify companies interested in various projects and help project officers to further interact with industry for a feasibility study. Industry representatives interacted with officials on how the industry could partner with the Indian Navy towards fructification of the listed projects.

Rear Admiral R Swaminathan, NM, during his address highlighted the indigenization efforts in Indian Navy and shared details of Indian Navy’s collaboration with private industry.

Lt Gen Subrata Saha, PVSM, UYSM, YSM, VSM** (Retd), DG, SIDM highlighted the salient features of the Draft Defence Production Policy 2018 and informed the participants that Indian industries already have projects at the concept of readiness stage under the MAKE II category.

Officers from various Directorates of Indian Navy presented details of all 24 MAKE projects that are in various stages and thereafter respective project officers interacted one on one with the industry representatives. More than 125 participants comprising officers from the three Services, industry representatives and Headquarter of Integrated Defence Staff attended the interaction.