Pre-Event Coordination Meeting & Discussion for UGV Experiment

Event Information:

  • Sat, Oct 09 2021
  • Virtual Platform

Pre-Event Coordination Meeting & Discussion for UGV Experiment

09th October 2021 | 1100-1230 Hrs | Virtual Platform

A Pre-Event Coordination Meeting & Discussion is being organised on 09th October 2021, from 1100-1230 Hrs with senior officials of the Army Design Bureau (ADB).

Industries/ Start-ups/ Innovators who have registered their interest in participating in the experiment are requested to attend the Pre-Event Meeting and get a heads-up on the latest coordinating instructions, schedules, technical and administrative arrangements at the venue and discuss any issues around support required from SIDM or the Army authorities. (Issues that participants want to bring up during the discussion may be shared in the question box while registering for the interaction).

Other members interested in participating in the UGV Experiment or wanting to know more about it for the subsequent years' experiments are also invited to attend, as observers, via the link below.


In case of any queries, members may write to Gp Capt Anupam Banerjee (Retd) ( with a copy to Ms Shivani Bedi (