Webinar - Technical Textiles in Defence with IAF

Event Information:

  • Mon, Feb 28 2022
  • Virtual Platform

Webinar - Technical Textiles in Defence with IAF

28 February 2022 | 1500-1700 hrs

The Indian Armed Forces utilise several types of specialized functional textiles, in addition to a range of conventional technical textile products. As they march towards modernization through Indigenisation, the overall demand for technical textile products is set to rise consistently.

The Indian Air Force utilises technical textiles for several special applications such as the brake parachutes for fighter aircraft, Flying Clothing, barrier nets at airports, and cargo drop parachutes. These are in addition to other applications for clothing, personnel protection, troop comfort (such as tents), camouflage etc.

In this regard, SIDM in partnership with the Indian Air Force is organizing a Webinar titled “Technical Textiles in Defence” on 28th February, 1500-1700 Hrs. The theme for the webinar is “Creating Excellence in Textiles for Defence”. Air Marshal CR Mohan AVSM, VSM, Senior Maintenance Staff Office (SMSO) HQ Maintenance Command has kindly consented to give the Keynote Address.

The Session aims to bring all concerned stakeholders- Users, technical agencies, quality assurance agencies and the Industry on a single platform and focus on the following objectives:

• Understanding the requirements – overall demand, products, specifications - of Indian Air Force related to technical textiles

• Demand Cycle and Procurement procedures for various products

• Identifying needs for product up-gradation and import substitution

• Showcasing the capability of the Domestic Indian Textile Industries

• Contribute to “Make-in-India” through R&D in the Technical Textiles

• Enhance knowledge base

Members from the Industry are invited to attend this webinar by registering via the link below.

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In case of interest in branding or making a company presentation during the webinar, please write to Mr Manoj Misra at Manoj.misra@sidm.in or Mr Bharat Jain at bharat.jain@cii.in at the earliest but not later than 22 February 2022.